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Legend has it that the superb and smooth juice from the 1976 vintage remained for 10 years of their fine lees. 10 years of rest, becoming ever richer, smoother, more mineral, ripe citrus fruit, spices, stones… A vigneron is like their terroir, always learning and, with the passage of time and ever-increasing experience, gaining a deeper understanding of their vines. Here this research spans nine generations. The changing seasons and decades of experience confirms the quality of the Melon de Bourgogne, our unique and single grape variety. 

Brought here by monks from Burgundy in the 16th century and planted in the great vineyards of Muscadet, its fame is now known and acknowledged around the world. Our parents, Pierre and Monique, started selecting individual plots of vines and vinifying them separately. These high quality crus are exported around the world. Now we all work together – Pierre-Marie started in 2005 and Marie, his wife, joined in 2008. Our work is founded on memories of our treasured ancestors. These links are continually adding to our experience.

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