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The winery Giacomo Conterno was founded in 1900 in Monforte d'Alba from James, a descendant of a family of winemakers active in the area since 1800. His son John in 1912 to bottle the Barolo, masterfully packaged by selected grapes from the bestower area. At that time the wine is sold in barrels or in carboys and the bottle was a rarity. In 1934 James, son of John, that will produce extraordinary wine that is the Barolo Monfortino, named to commemorate the ancestral home of Monforte.

In 1974 James bought the vineyard in Serralunga d'Alba Cascina Francia: 14 hectares of land are particularly suited for the cultivation of Nebbiolo and Barbera. The vineyard is planted with conventional systems and does not leave anything to chance: careful pruning, elimination of excess bunches, defoliation to allow the passage of the sun and air on grapes, harvest the best time: simple precautions and ancient useful to get class wines excelled. The wine made from this medium exceptional needs no forcing, but simply bring out the best of what nature has provided. This is the philosophy of the winery and, in particular, of Roberto Conterno last descendant of the family running the company. A wine cellar and a wine are definitely ambassadors of Italian excellence in the world.

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