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During World War II, the Portuguese Manuel De Sousa arrived in France to fight with the Allies. After he returned home, but the economic crisis convinces him to return to the places where he had fought, in Champagne, and settled in Avize. His son Antoine married the daughter of a wine grower of the village, Zoémie Bonville, and together they founded the De Sousa, who experience a major turning since 1986, when it will take the helm son Erick. Is this an end and lit grower, but also a talented winemaker, so now its about 75,000 bottles currently produced are literally disputed by fans.

The De Sousa family owns 11 hectares divided into 42 plots, planted with 8,000 plants / ha and an average age of 45 years. Since 1989, Erick began to convert vineyards in the AB (Agriculture Biologique), ending in 1999, and employs the horse instead of tractors. It is, in short, a "bio", but it is far from the slogans and, above all, it is with such skill that his champagne are never neither rustic nor improbable. In the winery, the grapes are fermented partly in steel and partly in barriques, where possible using only indigenous yeasts. De Sousa produces additional 30,000 bottles with the most accessible brand Zoémie De Sousa.

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