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Since 1893 the Cecchi family & brand has been synonymous with viticulture, both in Italy and throughout the world.
The history of the winery is a compelling story of a family, articulated by passion, dedication to the land and a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit. Using the strength gained from their experience of more than 100 years of love for the land, today the Cecchi family takes on the challenges of the future with that same enthusiasm.

With each successive generation, the Cecchi family has walked alongside the historical development of Italian wine, going in less than a century from a peasant’s food to a quintessential domestic brand, known and appreciated throughout the world.
It all began in 1893, when Luigi Cecchi became a professional wine taster. Although widespread in Europe, the craft of “palatista (taster)” was still unknown in Italy. However, Luigi understood how the potential of Italian wine making would be able to soar to the apex of world oenology once able to recognize the quality of the wines produced.
In the early 1900s, Luigi’s son Cesare came by his side. Together they gave life to the first mass marketing of wine with the label “Cecchi” that at that time already began expeditiously looking towards international markets.
Once credibility and international prestige were achieved, it became imperative to plan the necessary investments in order to prevail in the future. Luigi, the founder’s grandson, was the key figure during this time. With him, the Cecchi brand distinguished itself in the domestic wine industry thanks to technological innovations, search for new territories and an intuition for business.
Today Andrea and Cesare Cecchi are at the company helm, equipped with the same enthusiasm and entrepreneurial know-how of their predecessors.
While maintaining the priceless experience that they inherited, these two brothers have focused their attention on productive sustainability and on the ability of the wine produced to express its territory of origin, guaranteeing exciting prospects and endless new markets.

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