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My arrival in Castagneto Carducci is "coincidental." I came from Varese, and I was on vacation with my dad, an engineer, Sardinian surname and chromosomes, and my mother, a teacher, when I received a job offer from the owner of a local farm. I had just enrolled at the University of Agriculture of Milan (I graduated four years later in Pisa) and immediately with my first internship in October 74, I started with the harvest! My job was cleaning, serving the most humble tasks, watching and more watching, studying and working. I learned many aspects of agriculture, I learned that the land becomes hard when the wind blows; that there will be bad weather when the swallows fly low. I learned the cycle of the plant and why in certain areas of the field, plants struggle and in others, they do not. I learned that the peasant culture is an immense patrimony of unity with nature and patient respect of reality. I decided to ride the wave of a boundless passion to start my own business and I took some old vines and their old cellar for rent. In the '83 the first harvest, and from that day on, a story that has grown step-by-step with the history of Bolgheri (1984 is the year of foundation of the Bolgheri DOC). I planted my first vineyard in ‘91 and then purchased the land that I could and I felt right to be able to make wine, from the grapes I had planted and produce my own bottles. In those years my experience grew not only of the land but also of the international wine culture, and I began travelling abroad. This widened knowledge and comparisons. My wife Lucia joined me in this adventure and, along with the company's history, shared with me the growth of a beautiful and large family: infact six children were born, five daughters and one son. Now two of them, Giacomo and Benedetta, curious and passionat, are personally part of this company: on the path of tradition while looking at the new, the journey of the second generation begins!

The company was founded in 1983, the year before the foundation of the Bolgheri DOC, of which, in fact, I was among its first protagonists. In 1987, after an initial unstable period (due to leasing and rental issues) I finally formed the initial core of the company; I purchased the best available land and built my cellar. In 1991 I planted my first vineyard with the consciousness of wanting to produce a wine that could be faithful to the wake created by Sassicaia and Ornellaia, but also to my personal vision and experience of the vineyard. Hence, the need to plant alongside the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, grapes that I thought could express even better the Bolgheri Mediterranean terroir; Sangiovese and Syrah. The result was Piastraia that with harvest 2012 and after more than 15 years of its first bottling (the first label dates to 1994), was promoted with the mention "Bolgheri Superiore". So this wine is placed in the short but illustrious history of Bolgheri, not only as a pioneer, but as my conscious identity of the denomination. Besides Piastraia and the Bolgheri classics, including the other Superiore "I Castagni" cru of the vineyard bearing the same name, I decided to produce wines purely expressing their individual grape varieties: "Cavaliere", 100% Sangiovese; "Syrah" 100% Syrah and "Giovin Re", 100% Viognier. Definitely, countertrend, I gained the reputation of being an original wine producer in Bolgheri, and that of an explorer. I was the first to bring Syrah, Teroldego and Viognier to this land and to vinify wines 100% Vermentino and 100% Sangiovese. What is most important for me, it is to express the uniqueness of this fascinating product that comes from a very specific region, from a specific vineyard and from a man who is connected with them. In this family company, with a stable size of 23 hectares, currently I produce 150,000 bottles obtained from our own grapes.

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