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The authenticity of a great Champagne starts with prestigious grapes. That is why at the Ernest Remy House, we produce our Champagne from our own “Grand Cru” grapes. We root, plant, shape, cut and cherish every vine individually along their  lifetime so that they produce the greatest grapes.

Mailly is one of the Grand Cru villages that every harvest produces excellent Pinot Noir grapes. The history of Champagne Ernest Remy is a family saga that began in 1883 when Isabey Remy and his wife Zélia Dubois created the small Maison Remy-Dubois in Mailly, in the Montage de Reims area of Champagne. They both came from winemaking families and began producing Champagne at their home, which was built by Zélia’s father in 1852 in the town’s main square. The decision to make their own bubbly, rather than sell their grapes to other winemakers, coincided with Mailly being classified as one of the 13 ‘Grand Cru’ villages, due to the excellence of their grapes. Isabey Remy and Zélia Dubois then built the longest ‘cave’ in the town with a tunnel that linked their cellar to that of Isabey Remy’s family, on the other side of the square in Rue Aristide Briand, in order to create a single cellar on a single level. Their son Victor Remy was supposed to have inherited the Maison but he died at only 28 and it later went to his son Ernest who, in 1925, married Marie-Antoniette Vivin, an enterprising woman and also a descendent of a winemaking family with property in Verzenay and Verzy. Their success in boosting the Maison’s production allowed them to export their wine to Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Britain and the United States. While the 1929 Depression forced most of winegrowers to join together in a cooperative, with the name Mailly, Ernest decided to retire and did not embark on a new career until after the war, when he served as mayor of Mailly-Champagne, from 1947 to 1959. After he died in 1975, his wife and daughter Elisabeth carried on the Maison’s production but it was not until 2007, when the estate was inherited by Elisabeth’s daughter Alice Thomine and her husband, Tarek Berrada – the current Maître de cave – that the Maison returned to its origins and traditions, with this fifth-generation of winemakers restoring excellence to the small winery.

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