List of products by brand Carlo Hauner azienda agricola

The name of Carlo Hauner is an absolute reference point for the Aeolian islands. After 40 years, the company founded by the original designers of Brescia has become a certainty for the entire Sicilian and national wine scene. In addition to the wonderful work done on the Malvasia delle Lipari, thanks to the homonymous selection to remain one of the most brilliant examples of its type, the entire production to give intense emotions, drawing in each wine an extremely fascinating organoleptic and characteristic fragrance of the earth in which it was born. The produced labels are a clear sign of the excellent work that the winery is doing, faithfully reflecting the dictates of the territory.

A cellar model, where is perfectly combine the adherence to modern quality standards with the love for the vineyards and the earth. The credit for this success is also attributable to the peculiarities of the territory on which the vines come to life, the Aeolian islands, which are an important reservoir of biodiversity. Are seven magnificent islands dotting the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a few dozen kilometers from the north-east coast of Sicily.
Salina, which also gives its name to a wine Hauner, is the island that has remained more rooted to their agricultural traditions. The cultivation is carried out here on microscopic plots, showing the pattern typical of the Mediterranean Agronomic, or with very low pergolas. Thanks to Hauner these territories and their wines have regained an unexpected renaissance.

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