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The vodkas Stolichnaya originate in the Russian region of Tambov, where the ultra-modern Talvis distillery produces the highest quality of Alpha-Spirit, grade alpha identifies the very highest standard of a distillate according to Russian State parameters. At the superb distillery Latvijas Balzams, alcohol intended for elit ® is mixed with pure water of artesian wells. It is then filtered through Birch coal and quartz sand at a constant temperature of 15° C to create a vodka of unparalleled softness. For the final stage of its creation elit ® is subject to the exclusive filtering process freeze-out. Inspired by the old Russian tradition of leaving the casks outside under the harsh winter, the liquid is cooled to the exact temperature of -18° C, aggregating so the last impurities. At this temperature the liquid thickens and passes slowly through carbon filters with active ions, leaving an exquisitely pure distillate and character. After the strictness comes the rest. elit ® returns to room temperature without haste and in doing so acquires all characteristics of molecular perfection: impeccable clarity and density. Visibly radiant, the taste is rotund and the palate is different from any other vodka. Praised for being the most awarded vodka in the world.

Awards and accolades: elit ® is the world's most awarded at distillate with a score of 97/100 from the Beverage Testing Institute and with the 2006/2007 Platinum medals/2009/2010 and 2014. This score is unmatched and undefeated. In 2008, The Spirits Business "– The Super Premium Vodka category" winner elit ® as MASTER. In 2009 he received the gold medals to the Super Premium and Travel Retail categories and a MASTER in the category Packaging and Design; the 2010 saw elit ® win the gold medals in the Super Premium category The Spirits Business.

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