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The link between family Brugal and Dominican Republic starts 5 generations ago, in 1888, the distillery was founded by Don Andres. Then as now, the family is engaged in manufacturing of ron who sees everything his production cycle take place on Dominican territory: from the selection of raw materials to bottling.

The ingenios de La Romana and San Pedro provide molasses distillery and cane used for sugar production, the entire Dominican comes exclusively from 80,000 hectares grown locally. A double pass in continuous column distills a liquid at about 95 degrees, then lowered by degree, which must remain at least a year in barrels to become Rum. The role of teachers in Jassill and Gustavo, becomes roner, ageing. is delegated to them the responsibility to check that the barrels, a mix of ex-bourbon American White Oak and former Spanish Red Oak sherry, give a liquid always equal. Part of the plant's energy requirement is satisfied by a biofuel obtained using the scraps that the distillation has produced, sharply reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.

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