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Martini & Rossi is an Italian multinational alcoholic beverage company primarily associated with the Martini brand of vermouth and also with sparkling wine (for example, Asti). It also produces the French vermouth, Noilly Prat.

The company started in the mid-19th century, as a vermouth bottling plant in Pessione — the Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino. Three men came to dominate the company, businessman Alessandro Martini, winemaker Luigi Rossi and accountant Teofilo Sola, and in 1863 they changed the name to Martini, Sola & Cia. The Sola family sold out in 1879, and the company became known as Martini & Rossi.
1892 – The business is taken over by Rossi's four sons.
1929 – The Martini Ball & Bar logo is registered for the first time.
1930 – Rossi's grandsons take over control of the company.
1977 – The company is restructured with the creation of the General Beverage Corporation.
1993 – Martini & Rossi merged with Bacardi.

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