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In August 1988 the founder of our company, Felice Salamini, decided the moment had come to set up
his own wine business. A tireless traveller with a passion for wines, Salamini started to pursue his dream after thirtyfive years of business between Italy and France, having built a wine collection of more than 4,500 bottles with some of the best wines from the two countries. He wanted to create a company that could produce wines of the highest level, the same as the ones he had tasted and bought over the previous years. The family vineyards were completely reorganized, new land was bought and cultivated according to modern methods, following an intransigent design of genuine biological production, to which the whole family adhered. In our view, the bunch of grapes is the sole protagonist of our work. Its meticulous care for detail and tenacity in pursuing its goals brought Luretta in the 1990s to completely renovate its winery at the Castle of Momeliano, in the hills above Piacenza in Nortwestern Italy, where the tradition of wine aging in wooden barrels in the castle cellar is integrated with modern technologies of grape cooling, inert pressing and other solutions that Felice Salamini learnt in his years of travel.

The nineties were years of great advancement during which Luretta’s wines gained national and international prestige, winning prizes such as the three glasses of the Gambero Rosso, Luca Maroni’s Vini Frutto or Veronelli’s Sole, as well as numerous other medals it won in France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. In the meantime new wines were created from international as well as local vine species and the best restaurants included them in their wine lists, attracted both by their taste and the beauty of their labels, carefully designed by Felice’s life partner. The names chosen for these wines also became a symbol of Luretta’s creativity, so much so that the authors of the Espresso wine guide coined the adjective “lurettico” to indicate new colourful wine names. Today this legacy of absolute quality and genuineness has been inherited by Felice’s son Lucio, who works with unrelenting committment to preserve the quality of Luretta’s products. With over 50 hectares of vineyards, Luretta confirms its reputation as a first-class wine maker with a complete range of wines of unmistakable character.

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