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A stone mortar dated 1885, perfectly preserved in the factory in Putignano, is the testimony of the history of the company, which has its roots in the late eighteenth century, when Francesco and Maria Concetta Giannandrea open a coffee shop and offer almond milk prepared at that mortar.

The decisive impetus is due to the work of their son Giacomo, father of the current owners, who after World War II continues and extends the work of the parents before opening a new café then, in the fifties, beginning the production of homemade almond milk and spirits with a new company: the Beltion ("the best one" in ancient greek). The quality and authenticity of almond milk Beltion will soon be recognized by consumers of all of Southern Italy. In 1995 the sons Francesco, Angelo and Roberto Giannandrea inherit the historical "Beltion s.n.c." and constitute the new "Merak s.r.l." inaugurating in 1997 the new factory equipped with the latest technological facilities and a laboratory for the development and production control. Today the "Merak Spirits & Drinks s.r.l." (formerly Merak s.r.l.) continues the family tradition, increasing year after year the product portfolio, qualifying production activities and extending the scope of their distribution in the world.

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