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R.L. Seale is one of the oldest rum producers in Barbados, a family business passed from father to son since 1820, today Richard Seale is the master distiller.

Thanks to their Foursquare distillery, in St. Philip, one of the best and most modern Caribbean distilleries produce rum with stills that work vacuum, reducing the temperature required for boiling thus avoiding "overcook" the rum and impart unnatural aromas. Foursquare has also been designed to be energy efficient and has the most advanced recycling and waste disposal system on the island. Martin Doorly was a trader from Bridgetown who became a bottler in the early ' 900 thanks to the Rum Duty Act. His doorly's Macaw rum became the first Barbados rum to be exported. Today Doorly's is the best-selling rum in Barbados and is distilled right from the Foursquare distillery.

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