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The history of what is now one of the leading liqueurs of the Italian tradition begins in 1885, when Stanislao Cobianchi decided to set up a small liqueur company against his family‘s wishes, who instead had steered him towards an ecclesiastical career.
At first, the production focused on a number of liqueurs, whose names have nowadays almost been forgotten, such as ratafià, alchermes, arquebuse, persico, old lady’s milk and rosolio liqueur.

His extensive knowledge of herbs inspired him to create a new product, a delicate amber-coloured liqueur that was to become the specialty of the house. The name Amaro Montenegro was a tribute to Elena, second Queen of Italy, the wife of Vittorio Emanuele III.

The unique flavour of this Amaro needed a bottle just as unique: and there came the original lines and sinuous curves of its distinctive bottle, which have remained unchanged to the present day.
The product notched up great success: in a few years Amaro Montenegro achieved a widespread diffusion and received numerous awards from international exhibitions and shows.

Over the years, Montenegro has accompanied Italy in its history, taking on an iconic role. In one of his letters, Gabriele D' Annunzio defined Amaro Montenegro as the "liqueur of virtues". In 1906, the company’s rapid growth and expansion, required it to move to a new and futuristic production plant in Borgo Panigale. In the years leading up to World War II, the company maintained its presence in the domestic market; in 1941 the factory was closed down: the state of war deprived the private industry of the raw materials that were necessary for its activity. Moreover, during the conflict the Borgo Panigale factory was heavily bombed. In 1946 the plant was reopened. Amaro Montenegro was still alive in people’s memories and its production resumed when the commodity market stabilized. Thanks to new management, Amaro Montenegro steadily increased its notoriety starting in 1960. It soon became necessary to adapt the plant and equipment to match the development of the company. Since the 1980s, the success of Amaro Montenegro consolidated further thanks to highly successful advertising campaigns that won over millions of viewers. The advertising campaigns communicated the values of friendship and solidarity that have always characterized Amaro Montenegro and its genuine taste. More than 120 years later, Montenegro is still a symbol of Italian tradition and excellence.

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