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Once ships set sail to find new shores and explore new continents. At all times every ship carried a load of casks containing spirit. Some of the first spirits brought to sea was brandy but as the west indies became a key target for every naval power, rum quickly became all sailors choice of spirit. Rum has since those days been having a close tie to naval traditions and habits. During the 16th century Gin gained an increased popularity in Britain. It got established as the Spirit on everyone's lips and soon found it’s way out in the world through the vast British Empire. From Europe to Africa and Asia. Here Malaria was a dangerous enemy that would be charged by high consumption of quinine in Tonic water. Thus the Gin & Tonic saw its first light.

The Gunroom was originally a compartment where lower ranked officers used to gather onboard the navy ships. Here they eat, drank and slept on their long journeys and most probably enjoyed a sip of their favourite spirit. Today the gunroom is synonymous with the officers mess and is usually a relaxed environment where officers can feel at home in a comfy Chesterfield with a refreshing drink. Gunroom is a series of spirits all recreated with the highest quality standards to rebirth the authentic taste of the spirits of the Royal British Navy. Careful selection of ingredients as well as methods of distilling has been taken into account to offer the full spirit of the high seas. The idea of the Navy Spirits Co. is to recreate historical spirits connected to Navy traditions and history. Navy Spirits is an initiative by the Swedish company Renbjer & Magnusson AB which for several years has worked with importing, exporting and producing high quality spirits.

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