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The Maison De Venoge was founded in 1837, in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, one of the most renowned land of the entire Champagne region. Very quickly, the Maison orients its development towards international markets, organizing its champagne expeditions throughout Europe.

De Venoge offers a rich and complete range, with great value for money. Among its products, we can cite the Cordon Bleu, emblematic of the style of the Maison thanks to its freshness, its vivacity and its delicate aromas, or the Rosé, which is noted for its delicacy. In the highest range of the range, we find the Cuvée Louis XV and the Grand Vin des Princes, champagne really remarkable for their elegance and their complexity. De Venoge also proposes to connoisseurs some cuvée aged for 20 years or more, coming directly from his wine shop.

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