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Vincent Couche carries on the family company with attention and sensitivity avedno for a long time embarked on the road of the bio Champagne. Since 2008, in fact, it has impressed a radical change of course to the paternal winery. Choosing to convert all the vineyards to biodynamic practices.

Vincent Couche is a young Vigneron of the Cote des Bar, 10 hectares of vineyard planted at Pinot Noir in 1973 in Buxeuil and 3 hectares of vineyard planted at Chardonnay in 1985 in Montgueux. Since 2008 she has been running the Domaine family with biodynamic practices (Demeter certificate) for the maximum respect of any form of life present in the soil, above and below it. The density of plants up to 10,000 stems per hectare increases the competition between the vines, which, by reducing the production, ensure the bunches full maturity. Great passion and determination for an annual output of about 60,000 bottles.

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