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The Westmorland Spirits is a young distillery founded in London by Matthew Gilpin with the aim of producing a gin of excellent quality respecting the traditional English production practices. Thus was born the gin Gilpin's, Symbol and excellence of the distillery, a craft distillate produced in small quantities, born from 5 processes of distillation and aromatized with 8 botanicals: juniper, sage, borage, lime, lemon, bitter orange, seeds of coriander and angelica Root.

The strong bond with the tradition of the Westmorland distillery is also testified by the fierce boar that makes up its logo. An ancient family legend tells of how the ancient descendant Sir Richrad Gilpin, nicknamed for his courage "the Predone", had killed a fierce boar that, in the early years of 1200, terrified the population. The philosophy that animates the activity of Westworland spirits and the work of Matthew Gilpin is based on the ideals of purity, genuineness and simplicity. From these assumptions is born one of the most traditional London Dry Gin, characterized by excellent drinkability and impeccable aromatic balance.

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