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The Valentini family is a historical reality of the distillation in Trentino, especially in the Val di Non, near the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Its origins date back to the 1872, at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Von Damian Valentini specializeded in the distillation of pomace and ageing in small barrels of important wines.

In 1921 his son Rodolfo, returning from a long emigration to America, founded the distillery in Tassullo. Today, this ancient and prestigious family activity is carried out by Gianluigi Valentini who has restructured the IT Maison historic Valentini and making visitors and underground premises, including the beautiful barricade. The Valentini distilleries are known for their grappas, the liqueurs of Trentino fruit, the bitters and essential oils produced by indigenous botanical spices, including herbs, roots and officinal plants. The inexhaustible desire to experiment that has always marked the history of the distillery combined with the skills from master distiller Gianluigi Valentini have led to the birth of one of the most appreciated Gin London Dry artisans Italian, called Tovel's because Produced with pure water from a source that feeds the lake of Tovel, one of the most important and legendary natural elements that make the Val di Non.

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