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Mount Gay is an English style rum produced since 1703 in the beautiful island Barbados, Caribbean. This early origin makes it one of the oldest rum in the world and definitely the first island rum. The small red star represented on the Mount Gay logo indicates the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, and not the location of the distillery, which is located on north of the island.

Mount Gay uses for its rum island sugar canes, also known as "Black Gold", among the most refined and elegant in the world and that give truly exceptional and high quality molasses. The fermentation takes place in the open air, using the island's coral water, filtered three times, one of the purest waters that could be used, while the distillation is carried out for more than three centuries with traditional double copper stills. The maturation is rather one of the most unpredictable aspect in the Caribbean climate: the rum could in fact mature more quickly in 6 months over the next two years and that's why the distillery is more careful to effective aging than to the simple counting of time spent. The Mount Gay rums are aged in white oak smoked barrels, previously containing American whiskey. Finally, the blending takes place thanks to the alchemic art and magic intuition of experts 'Master Blenders'. Mount Gay is also famous for being the sponsor for more than thirty years of over 150 professional regattas worldwide. Its rum, with the addition of soda, is also the first drink order of James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Casino Royale (2006). Among its products, we recommend the soft and award-winning XO. Mount Gay is certainly an example of the tradition in the art of distillation of Caribbean rum.

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