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Only five minutes from the center of Rovereto, in the Trentino region, there is a magic, out-of-time place where life is a synonym of passion, care and commitment. The Azienda Agricola Balter is located in a 16th century Castelliere (fortified borough) surrounded by ten hectares of vineyards. Here, Nicola and his son Giacomo take care of the grapes all year round, from the calm winter season to busy summers. The structure is located at the top of the hill above Rovereto town, at 350 meters over the sea level. Climate conditions allow grapes to be transformed in elegant still wines and Trentodoc sparkling wines: there is a wide daily temperature range, fields are exposed to sun rays from sunrise to sunset – thanks to their south facing position – and the Ora del Garda wind blows in the Vallagarina valley every afternoon. With warm hospitality, Nicola, Giacomo and Clementina are waiting for you in their Castelliere!

The 16th century round tower was built both as a lookout and to facilitate communication between the castles. In the following years a second, square, tower was added. To create a military structure, the two towers were linked. As time went by, a barn, a stable and a vegetable garden were added, thus transforming the structure in a sharecropping. In 1872 the ancestor Francesco Balter bought the property, that was then passed down to brothers Attilio and Francesco and was first renovated after the first world war (silver medal of the Ministry of Agriculture). After the second world war, Francesco the third, who had a degree in Agricultural Sciences, renovated the property a second time, since during the war it was used as a flack by German forces, due to his strategic position above the Vallagarina valley, in that period a part of Austria. In 1949 Francesco married Lucia Colombo and, due to family reasons, took on a management role in a carpet, rugs, and flooring business, while its passion for agriculture was relegated to running the family business. In 1965, after the property was transformed from sharecropping to a direct-management company, the vines were planted according to geometrical and technical criteria, in order to create a vineyard described as “garden”, whose grapes were sold or conferred to several wineries. From that moment wine cultivation has steadily improved.

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