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Rebholz produces strutturatissimi wines, full, very strong. These wines are impressive for their elegant structure. Wines which require important dishes, are not wines to be drunk alone.

Jorgen Rebholz is not limited only to the Riesling, produces wines interesting also of other vines. Its Sauvignon Blanc is impressive. These wines are destined to last in time. Rebholz recommends that you start drinking them after 5 years... Rebholz owns 18 ha. Their Grosses Gewachs (Grand Cru) are Sonnenschien Im and Kastanienbusch. The ground "Buntsantstein" of "new red sandstone", is located in the vineyard "Kastanienbusch". In this vineyard is located a little "red slate". In the "Im Sonnenschien" the ground is calcareous. Oenologist of the year in 2002. From many years Rebholz is among the top 10 in Germany.

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