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Our company, which produces the famous wines of the Langa region, is “only” 24 years old. In the wine universe, that is truly “young.” But we believe that the most important factor when producing these wines is not age, but dedication to tradition. We believe in young, talented, and capable people with clear and achievable goals. We have been practicing organic agriculture for years, because we want to leave our soil in a better state than we found it in. All of our choices are based on our respect for the environment, for those who work with us, and for our clients.

OHB: Organic - our grapes are produced following a disciplinary certified organic, exploiting the natural fertility of the soil. We totally exclude the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, including genetically modified organisms. Human - our lives, our thinking, our way of being and our behaviors are guided by a particular philosophy that focuses around people, respect, acceptance and sharing. Barolo - the finest wine produced with our vision and with all the possible passion, respecting the tradition of the wonderful land that hosts us. A real wine that expresses the territory in a so frank and sincere way. 

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