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Established in 1779, the Bowmore distillery is the first recorded in Islay and one of the oldest of Scotland. The malts of this small island are famous for their characteristic smoked and Bowmore peat is no exception: their malt is in fact treated in a furnace following the same tradition started by the first master distillers, over two centuries ago.

This single malt and the village of Bowmore have many things in common. The town was the first village to be built in the area in 1768 and ten years later the distillery in the heart of the community began production of the first Islay Malt. The distillery is located on the banks of Loch Indaal, a lake which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The proximity with the sea plays an important role in finishing the distillate character that breathes salty air throughout its aging in cask.

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