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Ed Jean Luc-Pasquet from 1994 applies to study the precepts of organic farming, and applies the practices to all vineyards, certified in 1998 the French certification "Agriculture BIOLOGIQUE" the Pasquet philosophy strengthens the natural defenses of the plant using copper-based products, sulfur with natural foliar treatments, avoiding the use of chemical products. Plow the Earth sprinkling the whole of manure between the rows, in this way allows the vine to acquire all the nutrients it needs.

Great champagne: The Pasquet vineyards are located in the Grande Champagne region the first cru of cognac a unique terroir in a mild climate. From the vines a white, dry and aromatic wine is produced. Most of the vines are Ugni Blanc grapes, with also a part of wild Blanche grapes. Production: the fermentation takes place using the "indigenous yeast" or spontaneous yeast which is naturally found on the grapes. This constitutes an additional guarantee for the consumer who will be able to taste in his glass the "terroir Charente" without sulphites and with the only use of natural yeast. Distillation: in a traditional Charente still using the double distillation method, which produces the "Bonne Chauffe". Ageing: the cognac harmoniously pairs in slightly roasted oak casks, produced exclusively in the LIMOUSIN region, with a maximum of 30% of new barrels to give freshness and final notes. Silently undergoes a transformation to become "liquor of the Gods".

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