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The Rutte family came from South Holland and moved to Rotterdam in the 18th century. Since the middle of the same century, the Rutte began to deal with distillation. Craftsmanship, we love our distillates and we enjoy every little aspect of the artisan process, up to the sharing of our products with you. Our small workshop at the back and our distillery are our home, it is here that we honor our heritage and our tradition and perfect fantastic new creations. Rutte would not be Rutte if I producessimo it differently. The supply and use of the best natural ingredients is an obsession for us. Our spirits are natural at 100%; We don't use artificial colors or flavors, we use fresh fruit, no oil, and we engage in careful research.

Tradition, our current distillates are the result of seven generations of fathers who have taught their children meticulously the art of distillation, always with a deep passion for artisan production. We manufacture our gin and genevers still by hand in the same small back room where our founder, Simon Rutte, created his first distillate in 1872. Simon, with access to the spices and exotic fruits of the Dutch East Indies, immediately made good use of it in the distillation. Soon his spirits became so popular that he transformed the family cafeteria into a liquor store. Thus was born the Rutte Distillateurs and we have not made many changes since its birth. The old family living room still continues to welcome guests as a Rutte tasting room. In the back, walls of spices and botanicals surround the Vulkaan 4, our fourth still of copper. We are the custodians of a great heritage, our zeal for artisan production can only be achieved through our direct production. We are the smallest distillery in Holland, but it is just so we love being.

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