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Distillery La Fortuna was founded in 2002 using the agave of the five-generation family ranch "Los Sites" (1865) located on the hill of Los ALTOS (Jalisco).

JALISCO, the tequila is the spirit of Mexico and its origin is interwoven with the Aztec populations that lived before the arrival of the conquistadors. The tequila is produced with the pine cone of the agave plant. The agave grows a bit throughout Mexico, but the area considered "Gran Cru" is in the western part of the state of Jalisco. Upper Area for the clayey and acidic soil from which an ' agave is produced that at ripening takes some streaks of blue color (Agave azul), which employs from 6 to 12 years of growth before being cut. The Pinecone can also reach 10/15 kg of weight.

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