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Known as one of the largest distilleries in jamaica, it produces a very wide range of rum specifically for the foreign market, creating a true trademark of Jamaican Rum. Long Pond is a brand grown after the purchase of special fields around Cambridge, Vale Royal, Tilston... with the precise purpose of representing the peculiarities of these different areas through unique rum.

The National Rums of Jamaica owns iconic distilleries in Jamaica, such as the Long Pond Distillery, which has been operating for over 250 years. Among these three structures, it produces some of the best rum, for which it has won several prizes. Many people from all over the world visit the distilleries to document the rum production process, which is published in various journals. The process of fermentation of rum is unique and cannot be replicated due to the local environment and many other indigenous properties such as yeast, water, wood, materials and therefore unique in each structure. Some of the finest and most exotic rum in this hemisphere is produced and recently a more precise marketing campaign has started in Europe and Canada, and hopes to settle in the United States. The brand is also reaching the Caribbean, Latin America and China.

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