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From humble beginnings.1809 With the fires of the French Revolution still smouldering, and a country in recovery from the greatest and bloodiest political upheaval in its history, France's first Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, took the Imperial throne. In this uncertain climate, Emmanuel Courvoisier, our founder, and Louis Gallois, the mayor of Bercy, decided to open a wine and spirit company on the outskirts of Paris, just north of the river Seine. Bercy was the perfect location for their business. It was close to the river for easy transport, already had a thriving wine trade and sat just outside the thick Paris city walls, so they didn't have to pay taxes.

Celebrating in Style since 1889. The most renowned celebrities toasted their glorious achievements with fine cognac high on the Eiffel Tower, during the inauguration party of the Universal Exhibition in 1889. The Spirit of the Golden Age. Paris during the Golden Age was the ultimate blend of art, science, engineering, hedonism, excitement, fashion, glamour and decadence. The world flocked there as the city became electric, fizzing with confidence, creativity and celebration. At its beating heart was the Eiffel Tower, the glittering symbol of Paris and progress, innovation and ingenuity. Proudly Parisian. The Courvoisier® story started in Paris in the early 1800s with founders, Louis Gallois and Emmanuel Courvoisier®. Based in Bercy, the business flourished and won medals, as well as the love of Paris and the respect of Emperor Napoleon III himself, who picked us as his only official cognac supplier. From Paris to Jarnac. In 1828, Courvoisier® and Gallois became known simply as Courvoisier®, as the company focused on its true passion: producing cognac. They relocated the company from Paris to Jarnac, a small town on the banks of the Charente River in the heart of the Cognac region. It remains our home to this day. Royal recognitions. Courvoisier®'s reputation grew so quickly that their warehouses in Bercy were honoured with a visit from the Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. Since then, he started giving a ration of cognac to troops in his artillery companies to lift their morale during the ongoing Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon III, the nephew and heir to Napoleon Bonaparte, also personally requested Courvoisier®, and made it official supplier to the Imperial Court. But not only in France, our cognac gracing the tables of the Royal Courts of Denmark, England and Sweden.

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