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Franco Ziliani remembers
The butler ushered me into the drawing room of Palazzo Lana Berlucchi.
Everything testified to an understated refinement.
The notes of Georgia on My Mind wafted in the air, played by Guido Berlucchi on the piano.
I was entranced by the elegance of his appearance, by the effortless sureness of his touch on the keys.
My gaze wandered around the venerable walls, over the family portraits, the valuable furnishings.
After closing the piano, the count greeted me warmly and began to ask me, the freshly-minted oenologist that I was at that time, about techniques for solving the instability problems with his wine.
I answered his questions forthrightly, and then, as I was taking my leave, I dared the question: "And what if we were to also produce a sparkling wine in the French method?"

The timeless elegance of the Palazzo Lana Berlucchi, the handsome mansion that inspired the first Franciacorta,  is present once again in these vintage-dated Franciacortas. Produced from free-run must, and rare both in quantity and quality, the three are bound together by a common thread of gracefulness, complexity, and avoidance of excess, each wine dedicated to those who enjoy them thoughtfully.

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