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Bellavista is one of the best known and most popular wineries in Franciacorta, famous strip of land capable of producing high quality sparkling wines. It comes from an intuition of Vittorio Moretti, who began making wine "to get away from the routine" and "found in his hand a jewel of the company." Moretti's own words help us to understand the spirit and history of Bellavista: a handful of hills between Lake Iseo and the plain of Brescia, a passion for wine, so much work with his hands in the earth.

So, over the years, Franciacorta has been revealed as a great area for high quality sparkling wine and Bellavista has confirmed one of the most significant in this regard. The tradition of the past has been skillfully blended with a careful analysis of the best technical production of sparkling wine. Only in this way you can create anything from bottles of the highest quality, capable of becoming a symbol and spokesman of the land. In this way, Bellavista winery has carved out a role of absolute leadingactor, has managed to turn a passion into a renowned company, has spread its love for the vineyards to all wine lovers. And it once the terms love, passion and sacrifice, just add a proven expertise to achieve great heights quality: try asking to Bellavista, will show you the way.

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