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Leading the historic cellar Oasi degli Angeli, located between the territories of Cupra Marittima and Ripatransone, Marco Casolanetti and Eleonora Rossi, now for some 20 years. Their philosophy has always been singular, because you are immediately approached to the dictates of organic farming and biodynamic. In the vineyard, in fact, the very low yields per hectare are made possible by a density of planting which has almost unbelievable and that goes to the conservation of one or two bunches per plant. The form used is that traditional breeding, the sapling in mantis shrimp, which is a sort of shed between two contiguous rows.

The products used, to say the least details, include silicates, mixtures based on propolis, seaweeds, soy lecithin, potassium bicarbonate and milk derivatives. In the cellar is not allowed any form of intrusion: yeast exclusively indigenous, sulfur dioxide and enzymes absolutely bandits, as well as clarifications and Filtrations. All these measures are used to produce only 2 labels (the second was added in 2011 for the first time): Kurni, historical Montepulciano, and the Kupra. The company's flagship wine, Kurni is a wine capable of obtaining the highest awards from the guides since its first production, in 1997; a wine with a strong personality, the result of selections exasperated and able in time to translate in terms of flavour sweetness of the first years in the bottle, as well as provide you a wealth of amazing details.

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