Calvados Giard Pays D'Auge 4 Ans

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Calvados Giard Pays D'Auge 4 Ans

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Vol : 42%
Bottle : 70 cl

A selection of a calvados 4 years of refinement with a pleasant bouquet soft and elegant. The calvados is born as "eau de cider", obtained from the fermentation of apples in the region of Lower Normandy. The varieties of apples grown are about a hundred, but those 4 are used for the production of calvados, carefully selected by the family Giard, owner of beautiful low-yielding orchards located in the heart of D'Auge region. The apples are harvested by hand in the fall and left outdoors for complete maturation, are ground and pressed to obtain juice, destined to a long fermentation in the discontinuous copper stills.  

Size 70 cl
Y.O. 4


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Giard Distilleria

Product by: Giard Distilleria

Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge and the Cider Route, Michèle and Patrice Giard, recently joined by their daughter Estelle, are at the head of a typical operation of the Auge combining dairy production and processing apples of their high-tree orchard.Family Giard produces from 13 generations Cider, Pommeau and Calvados in the greatest respect for tradition. It offers today the sale of Calvados ranging from 4 years to old vintages (1980, 1974, 1969), but also excellent ciders and Normandy knob.

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