Calvados Christian Drouin Pays d' Auge Reserve  - Calvados

Calvados Christian Drouin Pays d' Auge Reserve

Manufacturer Christian Drouin


Calvados Christian Drouin Pays d' Auge Reserve

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Size 70 cl

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Vol : 40%
Bottle : 70 cl

The Calvados Pays D'Auge has unique features that make it superior to other appellations: the use of apples in much lower yield and distillation in pot stills. A Calvados that comes from a production philosophy and ancient craft. First, the apple cider is produced exclusively by tall trees almost completely replaced by the sad apple with a short leg, with branches parallel to the rows that naturally produce a lot more and the collection of which is much faster; these economic advantages have as a counterpart the production of a minor aromatic intensity.   


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Christian Drouin

Christian Drouin 1553 - Giles de Gouberville distilled cider at the Coeur de Lion estate.1960 - Christian Drouin, original industrial Rouen, nature lover, buy the Fiefs Saint Anne estate on Gonneville hills, near Honfleur, with the aim of producing one of the best Calvados in the region and to contribute to attribute dell\'Auge both in France and abroad, the place it deserves, that of a great spirit of international renown.1969 - Christian Drouin son joins his father in S.N.C. DROUIN & C. who runs the distillery.1979 - The stocks are considered sufficient to undertake the marketing of the product both in France and abroad.1992 - decides to transfer the plants on the premises of a former riding stable located in Coudray Rabut, at Pont-l\'Evêque, renaming it with the name of Tenuta \"Coeur de Lion\".1994 - The Ministry of Culture and Francophonie and the National Council of Culinary Arts have selected throughout the French territory 100 \"Sites remarquables du goût\", including the estate \"Coeur de Lion\", representative of the Auge region.2009 - From 1971 to 2009, the calvados Drouin has been awarded more than 390 medals in competitions dedicated to calvados, who came to crown the efforts of a team at the service of a large brandy.

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