Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 10 cl

Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 10 cl

Manufacturer Chartreuse


Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 10 cl

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Vol : 71°
Bottle : 10 cl

The history of this famous liqueur, originates from distant and mysterious. It in fact dates back to day 16 may 1605, when the Marshal of artillery, François-Hannibal d'estrees, Marquis de Coeuvres, brother of the beautiful Gabrielle, mistress of King Henry IV, knocks on the door of Paris. He brings with him an ancient manuscript of an alchemist, and decide to donate them to the Carthusian monks of Vauvert, for their note and specific knowledge of art galenica. On it there is a recipe for creating an "elixir of life", the origins of that document but ignores Marshal considers Carthusian monks, excellent knowledge of medicinal plants and only able to work. Despite the efforts of the folks at the pharmacy, the complexity of the carthusians valenti recipe was such that we will have to wait many years before it can be achieved. Careful study, the exact composition and subsequent development can be attributed to the monk apothecary, of Grande Chartreuse, conversely, brother Jérôme Maubec, which in 1737, the pharmacy of the convent, conceive the formula to produce the precious elixir. Since that time comes the so-called "Elixir Végétal", what is still produced under the name "vegetable Elixir of Grande-Chartreuse", mixture of infusion in alcohol of 130 varieties of medicinal and aromatic herbs, it has the alcohol content of 71°. The production had a wide circulation, except that in neighbouring places to the Charterhouse, in contrast to Charles, who stoically from the back of a mule tried to deploy it, as with drugs.

Size 10 cl


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Chartreuse has a very strong characteristic taste. It is very sweet, but becomes both spicy and pungent. It is comparable to other herbal liqueurs such as Galliano, Liquore Strega or Kräuterlikör, though it is distinctively more vegetal. Like other liqueurs, its flavour is sensitive to serving temperature. If straight, it can be served very cold, but is often served at room temperature. It is also featured in some cocktails. Some mixed drink recipes call for only a few drops of Chartreuse due to the assertive flavour. It is popular in French ski resorts where it is mixed with hot chocolate and called Green Chaud.

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