Chartreuse V.E.P. Verde Wooden Box 1 L

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Chartreuse V.E.P. Verde Wooden Box 1 L

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La Chartreuse, this year celebrates 400 years. The Carthusian monks are the inventors of the 'liquor' of modern times: the chemists of the 16th century were in search of the elixir of life and the Chartreuse and 'pharmaceutical experience to be considered the summa of the 16th century; includes in fact all the medicinal plants (130), known in this century. This is not 'markenting but' history. Enter the Chartreuse cellars and 'go back in time: it seems to be in the cellars of a great winemaker. Now there 'more' no aging liquor. La Chartreuse Jaune Vert and have at least 3 years aging in oak barrels and the VEP, 10 years old, distilled into seven centenarians tinned copper stills. The most 'ancient, the more' young. La Chartreuse and 'the product more' ancient Velier but it 's also the most' young. Sauceguide the magazine, the bible of the English Cockteleria, presents the beauty of 23 who have as part of the cocktail Chartreuse.


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Chartreuse has a very strong characteristic taste. It is very sweet, but becomes both spicy and pungent. It is comparable to other herbal liqueurs such as Galliano, Liquore Strega or Kräuterlikör, though it is distinctively more vegetal. Like other liqueurs, its flavour is sensitive to serving temperature. If straight, it can be served very cold, but is often served at room temperature. It is also featured in some cocktails. Some mixed drink recipes call for only a few drops of Chartreuse due to the assertive flavour. It is popular in French ski resorts where it is mixed with hot chocolate and called Green Chaud.

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