Chartreuse Cassis 50 cl  - Chartreuse

Chartreuse Cassis 50 cl

Manufacturer Chartreuse


Chartreuse Cassis 50 cl

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Size 50 cl

12,30 €

Vol : 20%
Bottle : 50 cl

The Liqueur de Cassis des Péres Chartreux is excellently drank smooth or mixed with cold water but if we add it to a flûte of champagne, it will give us an excellent Kir Royal! Dark red impenetrable by bluish reflections, it smells intensely of ripe berries and aromatic herbs. The palate is full-bodied, slightly alcoholic and sweet and with almonds persistence. Drunk smooth or with added water, will accompany our moments of relaxation, added to the champagne an excellent aperitif!


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