Corallo Fave di Cacao Tostate 130 g

Manufacturer Claudio Corallo


Corallo Fave di Cacao Tostate 130 g

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A journey to the perfumes of the plantation. To me, this is ideal for those who love the purity and essence of flavours. Extremely mild and persistent, they tell the origin of our chocolate through their fresh vitality. Speaking of cocoa means talking about people , the people who grow it and how to grow it and process it . Since the seventies , a person who devotes his life to the painstaking care of what grows is Claudio Corallo , a special person, who lives day by day to improve the quality of its cocoa and coffee plantations , based on knowledge in the field, observation, tenacity and humility. Claudio Coral is the only one in the world that cultivates cocoa, and chocolate is made on the same site , on the islands of Sao Tome and Principe forming the state of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe , the smallest in Africa, located in the



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Claudio Corallo

Product by: Claudio Corallo

Initially his objective was to use his extensive knowledge of coffee production for the production of cacao. The greatest challenge was the bitterness of the cacao bean. Claudio did not accept this; he saw it as a defect of the bean. To discover the origins of the bitterness and develop a cacao without this defect, he started a laboratory.Only by experimenting with making chocolate himself he succeeded in really understanding cacao and chocolate and in making a bean that is not bitter. The final result is the chocolate you can buy now: unique in the world, not only because it is the only real bean-to-bar, but also because it is the purest chocolate available.

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