Corallo Napolitaines Massa di Cacao 100% Puro Cacao 160 g

Manufacturer Claudio Corallo


Corallo Napolitaines Massa di Cacao 100% Puro Cacao 160 g


The ultimate proof that good chocolate does not have to be bitter. Our 100% cacao mass has nothing added, nothing subtracted, just 100% beans. The powerful impact of its rich, tangy flavour and texture is followed by a sweet, enduring aftertaste. The ideal temperature for tasting our chocolate is 27-28ºC. Speaking of cocoa means talking about people, about the people who cultivate it and about how they cultivate it and transform it. Since the seventies, a person who dedicates his life to the obsessive care of what he cultivates is Claudio Corallo; a special person who lives to improve the quality of cocoa and coffee from his plantations day by day, thanks to his knowledge of the field, observation, tenacity and humility. Claudio Corallo is the only one in the world that cultivates cocoa, and produces chocolate on the same place, on the islands of Sao Tome and Principe that form the State of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, the smallest in Africa, located in Gulf of Guinea to the West of the African continent. The cocoa plantation of Terrero Velho is located in Principe, a small island of only 128 km2 and 13 km of dirt roads, a heavenly place where the equatorial forest with all its varieties of green covers volcanic mountain ranges and surrounds white sand and crystalline turquoise water. The islands were discovered in 1470 by the Portuguese.



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