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Martina Luxardo Franchi was born in Brescia, in youth she studied in Padua, the city of her family, home for more than 60 years of Girolamo Luxardo s.p.a. (founded in Zadar in 1821) company known worldwide for its famous Maraschino liqueur.

She graduated with a degree in Enology at the Università of Pisa in April 2001, under the chairmanship of Giacomo Tachis, with a dissertation on the use of sulfur dioxide in sparkling processes, supported by a training stage for 2 vintages at the Cà del Bosco in Franciacorta; Hence moves in Sicily at a titrated Winery of Agrigento; moving again for a working period at the Gruppo Italiano Vini and finally for another harvest at the Cantina di Soave.

In 2004 she obtained a Master's degree in Oenology at the Università Cattolica in Piacenza in conjunction with an internship at the family business. In 2005 began to think about a project to "drink young", analyzing the possibility of inclusion of wine among young people and the way they drink even in places where they commonly consume cocktails: wine as fashion and a new way of drinking, is associated with the music of sounds that becomes palatal music.

After a period devoted to the study of the market, thanks also to the degree course in Economics and Food Business Management, always at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Cremona, decides to start her own line of wines, Sound Taste: the idea is to aggregate the three senses (sight taste and smell) stimulating them and attaching them to the music, to the pleasantness of fragrances and taste of drinking fine wine, creating the atmosphere of fun and relaxing moments. Assisted by Stefano Caliendo, a Cremonese accountant, which in the early years follows the financial part as collaborator, the project starts.

Using the vineyards owned by the family (in a suitable area of Euganean Hills) and working on a part of the production of some wineries owned by friends known and become such during the University life and the various stages, the range Sound Taste is enriched by products from a large part of the Italian regions.

In 2007 Sound Taste also becomes sponsor of various golf events (the sport loved and practiced by Martina since the early 80' s). The pairing wine-golf grows fast and, in 2009, the First Sound Taste Circuit is realized; consolidated the partnership with other sponsors of the golf world, we have reached, in 2018, the Tenth Edition where, as in previous editions, the Sound Taste wines become unifying and complementary motif to the fun, as an integral part of pleasant days and important events.

By 2012 the project "online shop" begins with the domain www.soundtaste.it which continues to develop and distribute mostly wines, liqueurs and distillates at competitive prices, increasingly expanding the range offer, in addition to distributing SoundTaste wines and the products of Luxardo distillery.

Also in 2012 even Stefano Caliendo joined the company acquiring a leading role in the company.

The passion for sport, music and wine blend perfectly and give life to unique style of "Sound Taste".

Sound Taste is the young way to drink wine. The desired bottle, bold and outside the classics box, does not intend to disrupt the traditional canons of the presentation, indeed: the name written vertically and deliberately in English, the propylene transparent label, are all aspects which want instead to tie-in the brand to a new way of drinking, appreciate and evaluate wine. The bottle immediately generates interest. Designed to capture the attention of a young clientele is definitely best made in a cool rather than in a dark wine cellar. Also just try and understand the quality to realize that it is a valuable product, and of high medium quality.

The product was originally intended solely for the ho.re.ca sector., immediately aroused interest (thanks to price between 5 and 8 euros) as everyday consumer product that, thanks to the choice not to distribute the GDO, becomes the most direct purchase form, without unnecessary and wasteful production steps.

Creating the virtual wine cellar, which also distributes leading brands at a very competitive price, excellent service we want to offer the customer, who can thus optimize times and costs, especially when compared to traditional shopping. Wines and spirits are offered at wholesale prices for individual purchases. The service "gyw" (Get your wine) completes the project offered to our customers. Enter the online shop you will, at all times, to supply your cellar and find in such an easy and beneficial way products of great charm and excellent quality.

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