Bellavista Franciacorta Alma Cuvée Brut Jeroboam 3L Cassa Legno

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Bellavista Franciacorta Alma Cuvée Brut Jeroboam 3L Cassa Legno

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Grapes : 80% Chardonnay, 19% Pinot nero, 1% Pinot bianco
Vintage : n.d.
Bottle : 3 l

Alma term "affectionate" to the land that creates wonders. Cuvée is a symbol of our tradition inspired by the pure essence of harmony. It's tender tribute to the place where we put down roots , loving them and defending them . In this Cuvée ask to be able to represent, in the quality and type , the soul of the most mysterious land of Franciacorta and style of wine from our cellar. To achieve this aim , we devote endless care to each processing stage , favoring a traditional method that has become rare and choosing as the sole guide the nature and its extraordinary biodiversity. Alma Cuvée comes from the skilful combination of about 60 of the 120 selections harvest obtained in the cellar. About 100 selections come from the same vintage and are identified with extreme care in 107 plots distributed in 10 different communes of Franciacorta ( " horizontal assembly "). In this vast wealth of variations on flavor and then added the aromas and flavors of special " reserve wines " originating from different vintages ( " vertical assembly "). The " reserve wines " are our greatest asset and treasure from which we draw in order to define with great respect , and to endure over time, the sensory profile that characterizes the style of Bellavista . Their valuable contribution creates the " constant taste " of Casa Bellavista and , above all, gives Alma Cuvée weaving and persuasive finesse that always is the distinguishing feature , and with it , our tradition . A fine composition of exceptional raw materials whose characteristics are enhanced through an art of winemaking now rare . At least 15% of the wines that make fermented and aged in small white oak barrels : a detail of production that gives our Cuvée extraordinary complexity . Tasting notes: The mousse is white , lively and excellent persistence. The perlage is fine and continuous , with abundant crown. Bright color, clear yellow with greenish reflections . There seduces her scent that is large and inviting and embraces shades of ripe fruit and slightly sweet ( Doyenne pears ) with subtle hints of vanilla and chlorophyll . The flavor is fully corresponding to the nose , fruity and full aftertaste. Thickness and harmony come together in the excellent elegance. Its vibrant character is supported without compromising freshness that maintains a long persistence. Time and silence: Alma Bellavista Cuvee Brut stands in our cellars for at least 4 years from vintage.

Typology Sparkling
Region Lombardy
Size 300 cl
Main Vine Chardonnay


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Product by: Bellavista

So, over the years, Franciacorta has been revealed as a great area for high quality sparkling wine and Bellavista has confirmed one of the most significant in this regard. The tradition of the past has been skillfully blended with a careful analysis of the best technical production of sparkling wine. Only in this way you can create anything from bottles of the highest quality, capable of becoming a symbol and spokesman of the land. In this way, Bellavista winery has carved out a role of absolute leadingactor, has managed to turn a passion into a renowned company, has spread its love for the vineyards to all wine lovers. And it once the terms love, passion and sacrifice, just add a proven expertise to achieve great heights quality: try asking to Bellavista, will show you the way.

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