Gin The London N° 1 70 cl


Gin The London N° 1 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 47%   The London N 1 is a single gin and is characterized by a return to more traditional values ??in the art of producing gin, typical of the eighteenth century England. The London N1 is in fact a super premium gin distilled in London, produced by a process of triple distillation, following the traditional style, using the English purest water and alcohol of the highest quality. They used 12 different types of herbs and spices that give The London Gin N 1 its extraordinary features, both in terms of aroma and color. The 12 herbs and spices that make it a gin extraordinary characteristics are selected from all over the world: orange peel, bergamot, lemon and lily roots come from Italy; savory and angelica roots from the French Alps; cinnamon from Sri Lanka, coriander from Morocco, cassia from mountainous areas of China, juniper from Dalmatia, almonds from Greece and finally the licorice from Turchia. The London Gin N 1 is perfect to achieve the classic Gin and Tonic, which becomes superb with the addition of lime peel .


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The London Gin Company

The London Gin Company Produced in London from small stills, the gin is distilled 4 times with infusion of 13 botanists, including gardenia and bergamot which give that aroma attributable to Earl Grey tea. The coloring is not created by artificial coloring but is donated by the mix of its 13 botanicals.

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