Gin The London N° 1 Distilled Gin 70 cl


Gin The London N° 1 Distilled Gin 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 47%  

The London N ° 1 gin is the first blue gin produced in England. Its coloration is natural and derives from the final infusion of flowers of gardenia and bergamot in a distillate of cereals and 12 botanicals. It is intense, sturdy and structured: the ideal gin for cocktails capable of surprising, like a Blue Martini Dry. From the color blue aquamarine. The nose meets a fresh and spicy scent, hints of juniper and Earl Grey tea. The taste is robust and structured, balanced, soft and fresh.


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The London Gin Company

The London Gin Company Produced in London from small stills, the gin is distilled 4 times with infusion of 13 botanists, including gardenia and bergamot which give that aroma attributable to Earl Grey tea. The coloring is not created by artificial coloring but is donated by the mix of its 13 botanicals.

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