Gin Monkey 47 Sloe Gin


Gin Monkey 47 Sloe Gin

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Bottle : 50 cl
Vol . : 47%

Juniper was abundant in the Black Forest and being an English Gentleman, Montgomery enjoyed his gin. Decades later, during renovation of the guest house, a wooden box was discovered, which contained a hand-labelled bottle and some papers. The bottle’s label had a hand-drawn monkey and bore the moniker "Max the Monkey – Schwarzwald Dry Gin". The papers included all manner of notes and photographs, but critically a list of ingredients used to create the gin, many of which came from the Black Forest region as well as some familiar spices from India. The botanical list is formidable, running to a massive 47 ingredients. Monkey 47 is a fairly potent gin at 47% and comes in 500ml bottles. Where the Hendrick’s bottle is what a designer imagines an apothecary’s bottle to be like, the Monkey 47 bottle actually is what they were like; smooth, round-shouldered, thin neck and a broad lip; it is like something from a moth-balled chemistry lab. In addition to the traditional Monkey 47 Gin, Schwarzwald distillery also produces the liquor Monkey 47 Sloe Gin, Gin's Monkey version 47 expertly flavored with Blackthorn drupes, which give the distillate (the characteristic red color) a strong and complex aroma, obtained thanks to the alcohol maceration of sloes from the Black Forest for a period of three months. The flavor of this gin is fresh and fruity, peppered with subtle accents. Here the notes of red berry fruits from the forest stand out considerably, amalgamating itself perfectly to hints of almond, hazelnut, fruit tart. The production of this distillate is limited and is enclosed in rounded bottle from 50 cl., typical of the distillery Schwarzwald, in this case of transparent color to enhance the red hue of the Monkey 47 Sloe Gin.

Size 50 cl


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After the Second World War he was assigned to the British sector of Berlin that was rebuilding the devastated city and became passionately devoted to the reconstruction of the zoo, where he met a monkey named Max. In 1951, Collins left the Royal Air Force and moved to the northern part of the Black Forest, where, after having worked in the watchmaking, he opened a country inn, the "Zum Wilden Affen", "the wild monkey". The quintessentially British love for a good glass of gin had never abandoned him and led him to create a unique recipe in the world. In his gin, Collins wanted to bring together the taste of the British tradition with the spicy flavors known in Asia, embellishing them with the ingredients caught straight from the Black Forest, such as berries and spring water: behind the name Monkey 47 there are Collins’ 47 ingredients and the special dedication to the monkey Max. For several years, the recipe has been lost and only recently Alexander Stein and the master distiller Christoph Keller recreated it, after having found the recipe during the renovation of Collins’ hotel, in a wooden box with a bottle whose label was designed a monkey with the words "Max the Monkey".
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