Gin Hendrick's 70 cl

Gin Hendrick's 70 cl


Gin Hendrick's 70 cl

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Vol : 44%
Bottle : 70 cl

Unusual, not for everyone. Unique features for the ultimate cult of spirits. Unlike ordinary gin, Hendrick's is distilled in the country for less gin of all, Scotland. This allows us to draw on centuries of distilling experience, as well as the abundant, fresh and sweet waters of Penwhapple Reservoir. Hendrick's extraordinarily sublime attaches great value to the quality of our ingredients. We use only the best, for the most original palette of eleven species, collected at the four corners of the world. Hendrick's uses only the union between the spirits of the still very different from Carter-Head and Bennet. With this combination we can create a divinely smooth gin that has both the character that the balance of subtle flavors. Hendrick's is handmade in tiny batches of only 450 liters at a time (usually just think that for small lot means a quantity of about 1000 liters at a time). Over the lotto and 'small, better and' control that can be exerted by the man of the stills (in our case, the bizarrely talented and meticulous Mr. Alan Rimmer). By the way, Mr. Rimmer and 'very protective of his two beloved stills. Moreover, he produced personally every single batch of Hendrick's ever been bottled. Look for it as well, but you will never find another like Hendrick's gin, with its infusion of cucumber and rose petals. It is a set that produces a refreshing gin in an almost superhuman, with an incredibly delicious aroma.

Size 70 cl


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William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd

Product by: William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd

As our brands are consumed internationally, William Grant & Sons, through its global distribution network, takes care to respect the variations in advertising and marketing requirements, legal drinking ages and differing cultural, religious, race and regulatory considerations. Our Code of Marketing states that all marketing activities relating to our brands must be in keeping with both the letter and the spirit of the law of the respective country, of the local advertising regulations and of the self-regulatory codes of practice. It also sets out principles which should be applied as a minimum standard in every country where we do business. For more details of our Code of Marketing, a downloadable PDF can be found here. William Grant & Sons is at the forefront of best practice regarding energy efficiency in the manufacture of distilled spirits. As an independent family-owned business, we take every opportunity to implement the most effective and efficient technology across our operations and sites in order to improve our environmental foot-print and reduce our energy bills. As part of this long term strategy we have been producing our own heat and electricity via a Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) which burns gas and allows us to return surplus electricity to the grid. Our grain whisky stills at The Girvan Distillery in Ayrshire have a unique patented design which utilises vacuum technology to improve efficiency by using less energy. We have also installed Thermal Vapour Recompression technology on several of our stills in order to optimise their energy efficiency and reduce our energy requirements per unit of production. Our latest innovation is to be the first Scotch whisky producer to install an Anaerobic Reactor. This plant, located in Girvan, allows the production of methane gas from our effluent stream. This gas is burned in turbines which produce renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat. It also has the added benefit of improving the quality of our effluent.
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