Grappa Nonino il Cerasus Kirsch 70 cl

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Grappa Nonino il Cerasus Kirsch 70 cl

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Vol : 43%
Bottle : 70 cl

Selection of  Marasche cherries, which are harvested at the correct level of ripeness. It should be served at 12°C or in an ice glass with an open tulip shape. Before tasting Frut, the distillate should be allowed to rest in the glass for some minutes: on exposure to oxygen, the perfumes are enhanced and the nose/palate harmony is perfected. Drunk or sipped at the end of a meal or at any moment of the day, it’s a source of real pleasure! It is excellent in a ice cream or in a sorbet.

Size 70 cl


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Nonino Distillatori

Product by: Nonino Distillatori

Nowadays, the company is led by Gianola Nonino, who led the company to achievements and made its Nonino Grappa famous among the celebrities of Italy. Nonino has won several prizes and innovated in the field of grappa production in several ways. In 1973, Nonino became the first company to produce a commercial grappa from a single grape variety by creating a liquor using only the Picolit grape. In 1984, the company produced the first whole-grape distillate which they marketed as Ue.

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