Luxardo Marasche al Frutto

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Luxardo Marasche al Frutto

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Percentage of fruit : 60%
Capacity : 400 gr.

Marasca Cherries Fruit - Size 18-20. 
It is candied cherries in  pure dense Luxardo cherries syrup. Complete absence of preservatives and artificial coloring. The percentage of presence of the fruit is about 60%. The syrup is made exclusively from cherries.  


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Product by: Luxardo

Transferred to Torreglia (Padova) in 1947 due to the consequences of the Second World War, it is now a leader in the liqueurs industry and one of the few proprietary brands present in almost all the international markets. The firm owns over 29.000 Marasca Luxardo cherry trees, cultivated in industrial nurseries and is the only company with such agricultural installation in the European Union.

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