Luxardo Marasche al Frutto  - Jam

Luxardo Marasche al Frutto

Manufacturer Luxardo


Luxardo Marasche al Frutto

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Percentage of fruit : 60%
Capacity : 400 gr.

The Marasche al frutto are cherries candied in the syrup of marasca, fruit cultivated and worked by Luxardo for the distillation of its famous Maraschino, and for the preparation by infusion of the liqueur of Marasca Sangue Morlacco. No thickeners of any kind or preservatives are used. Of characteristic sour flavour, typical of the Marasca (an acidulous variety of the cherry). Caliber 18/20. Ideal for use in ice-cream making (decoration of ice cream bowls) and in pastry making (filling and decorating cakes). The residual syrup can be used to variegate the ice cream or to aromatize creams or sponge cake together with a wet by Maraschino Luxardo.


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