Luxardo Orange Confettura Extra di Arance  - Jam

Luxardo Orange Confettura Extra di Arance

Manufacturer Luxardo


Luxardo Orange Confettura Extra di Arance

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Fruit concentration : 60%
Capacity: 400 gr.

The newcomer is called Orange ™, and is an orange marmalade with pieces of orange peel. The formulation involves the use of oranges and red to balance the sweet and bitter fruit, giving it a slightly sour taste. The production is carried out directly in the establishment of Luxardo Torreglia through cutting edge technology (cooking process under vacuum at low temperature) that allows you to preserve the aromas of the fruit. Furthermore, the components are verified and calibrated, but are not subjected to sieving radical so jam preserves noticeable the fibrous nature of the individual components are preserved and the original pectin. The only ingredients of Orange ™ are oranges and sugar are completely absent added pectin, flavorings, preservatives and dyes. The total sugars, including fructose content in oranges, are 65 grams per 100 grams of finished product.


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