Didier Daguenau Les Jardins de Babylone Jurançon 2009

Manufacturer Didier Dagueneau


Didier Daguenau Les Jardins de Babylone Jurançon 2009

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Typology White
Vintage 2009
Size 50 cl
Main Vine Petit Manseng / Izkiriota Ttipi
Wine Spectator 94/100

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Grapes : Petit Manseng
Vintage : 2009
Bottle : 50 cl

TASTING NOTES: golden yellow intense and bright. The nose elegantly opens up notes of ripe fruit (apricot and yellow peach), tropical fruit and delicate citrus fruits, with a sweet touch of honey. Complex and intense Smell, the SIP is deep and soft, at the same time balanced and harmonious with a clear acid trace. Persistent, closes with great finesse. PAIRINGS: it marries wonderfully with desserts made with fresh fruit, like a pineapple tart, cream pastries and dried cakes, chocolate preparations. Also Ideal to drink alone, as a wine for meditation or convivial.


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Didier Dagueneau

Didier Dagueneau \"Everything about this man, was out of the ordinary\" (Jacques Perrin wrote him): wild-looking, a way of making provocative and almost always with an attitude of infinite modesty and gratitude towards life, Didier was a adherent of biodynamics and harsh critic of both rigid rules imposed by the certifications. It has sided bluntly against practices common at the time in Pouilly-sur-Loire, where winemakers favored Sauvignon average quality practicing low densities per vine and collected mechanized. \"I endeavor to treat my vineyard as a work of art,\" said Didier. And his Sauvignon are. Wines that go beyond the donar pleasure soaked wines of lyricism and charm, able to read the wonderfully varied terrain of Saint-Andelain and able to donate emotions that vibrate the human senses. Who died prematurely at the age of 52, September 17, 2008, since then the 11.5 hectares are managed in the same spirit by his son Louis-Benjamin with the help of his sister Charlotte.

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