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Noble distillate of herbs, Alpestre was created in France in 1857 by Brother Emmanuel, a father Marist expert of the therapeutic properties of plants. The Alpestre - once known as the " Arquebus Hermitage ", since it was sent to the soldiers engaged in the colonies as the first remedy to treat wounds caused by handguns opponents - born from the wise mix of 34 herbs and plants herbs. Since the beginning of the 900 is produced in Italy, in Carmarthen, where they had moved the Friars Marisiti following the enactment of the anti-clerical laws in France. The result of what is called Scientia officinalis, this historic distillate is created according to a secret recipe. After the careful collection and skillful balance , the 34 herbs - including: thyme, lavender, angelica, fennel, tansy, sage, mint, lemon balm, hyssop to the verbena and the chamomile - are first marinated and then carefully distilled. After distillation, Alpestre is matured for at least 10 years in oak casks. Bottled without the addition of sugar or other additives, Alpestre is 100% natural. Consumption patterns: exceptional digestive, you can taste pure after a meal or to prepare a D- Punch, a punch that prepares the digestive cold glass Alpestre brandy, sugar syrup, ice and lime zest. For its tonic properties, it is also recommended as a corrective of coffee. With hot water and honey or classic punch instead has beneficial properties relaxing. Also try in an aromatic long drink with ginger beer.

Size 70 cl


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